Fast Answered Questions (FAQ)

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Fast Answered Questions:


Q: How do I confirm that everything is set and I am good to go to buy some tokens?

A: One’s you registered on Web Cam Chat  through our site and fill the form we will send you the confirmation email within next 24 hours max. but usually much more faster.

Q: I Fund my BongaCams account. When will I receive the Cash back. 

A: The cashback is paid for the last two weeks period in the five next days after the current period end. For     example if you fund your account 8 of January then you will receive your cashback 20 of January only. If you fund your account 20 of January then you will receive the cashback not earlier then 5 of February.


Q: It is more then 5 days passed after the end of the period and I still did not received the cashback. What had happened?

A: We send you the cashback when the total sum of your cashback will be more then 50 USD. For example when the total amount of your purchase of Chaturbate would be 500 USD we will be more then happy to send you 50 dollars after the end of the period when you finally got 50 USD of rebates in total.

If the sum is not enough it would be transfer to the next period.


Q: How can I see how many rebates you own me already. 

A: You have to check your payment history in your Live Webcam Chat Personal Area. 


Fast Answered Questions